Sacral Chakra

The second chakra, or sacral, is the center of our emotional body, sensuality, and creativity. It’s located in the lower abdomen below the navel.

The Sanskrit name (Svadhisthana) translates to “one’s own dwelling”.

Blockage of the sacral chakra manifests through emotional instability, feeling creatively uninspired, fearing change, feeling depressed or indulging in addiction-like behaviors.

When the sacral chakra is balanced, you feel safe to express and process your emotions. If we never process our emotionas they’ll take up space and energy in our physical and spiritual bodies. This can lead to sickness, depression, and angel issues.

A few tricks to balance your Sacral Chakra:

Meditation ~ Focus on the area below your navel and the color orange while you meditate. you can also find free binuarl beats for balancing the scaral chakra and guided meditations on Youtube.

Yoga ~ The hips are are the main area you need to focus on if you’re trying to balance the sacral chakra. Focus on opening the hips with triangle pose and bound angle pose.

Water ~  Being close to water is extremely beneficial for balancing the sacral chakra. Allow the flow of water to mirror the way your life-giving energy flows through you with ease, joy, purpose, and pleasure. Taking a simple bath or a shower is also very helpful. Try a shower meditation.

Crystals ~ Try using orange calcite, citrine, and carnelian. Meditate with moonstone to connect to the sacral chakra’s strong connection to water and the moon.

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