Tea for Two: Date Idea

first date idea

If you live on the road or work as a digital nomad and living on a regular schedule isn’t always possible, this date idea is for you. Having a regularly scheduled date-night is pretty typical for 9-5 couples but not always possible for us. We hope this post inspires you to strengthen your relationship and to be creative with your digital nomad date nights.

dungeons and dragons valentines day gift

Recently we posted about a fun and interactive gift of date nights based on DnD, you select a category and roll the dice to choose the date from the “spell tome” included. Nichol made this for her and her boyfriend and we thought it would be a nice addition to include some of the dates they’ve done as “Roll the Dice Date Night” mini-series in our blog to help inspire you all as well. Here is one of them.

Spell Tome Choice

Scenario: We found ourselves with a surprise day off together, it wasn’t planned and we wanted to make the most of it. The perfect chance to use the Loot Chest for the first time.

Day Date Afternoon
Result: Join the Culture Club

The Date

We rolled our Spell Tome choice in the morning and our result was “Join the Culture Club” so we knew we had to choose something cultural. The first thing that came to mind was the obvious choice of going to a museum, but we wanted to do something more romantic. Hey, sometimes ya gotta do a romantic date night in the middle of a weekday. Since I had recently returned from London, I thought it would be fun to have a nice afternoon tea together. We researched and found we were a short drive to a super cute tea house doing an Alice in Wonderland themed traditional English afternoon tea spread.

We called ahead and,because it was a weekday, we didn’t need reservations, so we headed right up. The tea spread was so yummy and ridiculously cute, everything fit the Alice in Wonderland theme. We spent two hours savoring the experience and each others company, reconnecting and just talking with each other.

Our day together came about as a surprise due to event cancellations and Adam suggested we take advantage of that. Normally I would just work on other projects as there’s always work to do when you run your own business. However, all that disappeared as we were whisked away to a magical land, all due to the roll of the dice. 


This was a fun first experience with the Loot Chest for us, and though it wasn’t super expensive it’s not exactly the most affordable activity to do frequently. We had so much fun, though, and now we are inspired to recreate the experience at home. I loved the themed food in the tea spread and I think we will have fun coming up with our own ideas of themes and cute food or snacks we can make at home.

This could be an easy thing you can do with your partner at home, or as a surprise for your partner. Part of what made this fun was that it was themed, which you can use to your advantage since you aren’t stuck having to recreate the traditional food and can build a theme based on what you have at home. 

As a digital nomad you have to seize opportunities as they come, it’s the same with strengthening relationships. Regardless of your finance or time budget, you could easily whip up a few tiny finger snacks, brew up a pot of tea, and take a moment to reconnect with your partner. The trick is to “be whisked away” so that you aren’t thinking about work or stress. You can have fun with this by getting creative, using decorations to transform your space, taking tea outdoors, anything you can do to create a space where you can focus on each other and reconnect.