Self-Love Workbook – Digital Interactive

$55.00 $11.00


A digital and interactive workbook created exclusively by Jenn Schiavone. The Self-Love Workbook is packed with the tools, knowledge, and exercises you need to achieve a deeper connection with your Self. Videos, affirmations, daily exercises, and more.

Self-Love Workbook & Free Self-Love Gift

Exclusively created by our certified Holistic Coach for $55

workbook features:
  • Heart Chakra Opening Ritual
  • Morning Affirmations
  • Heart Chakra Affirmation
  • Heart Centered Meditation
  • Reiki 101 and remote Healing Session
  • Heart Centered Gratitude Exercises
  • Self-guided for self-paced self-love and connection
  • Exercises designed to help you release blocks
  • Tools and resources to achieve a deeper connection

*Immediate download of the Workbook available after purchase.
*Gift will be sent to you by Coach via email.

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