Dream2Goal Workbook – Digital Interactive

$55.00 $11.00


A digital and interactive workbook created exclusively by Nichol Lachen. The Dream2Goal Workbook is packed with the tools, knowledge, and exercises you need to remove roadblocks and achieve your goals. Videos, affirmations, daily exercises, and more.

Dream2Goal Workbook & Free Dream2Goal Gift

Exclusively created by our certified Life Coach for $55

workbook features:
  • Personal Goal Secrets from a Professional Project Manager
  • Free Productivity Planner
  • Affirmation Creation Station
  • Free, Free Time: Productivity Hacking
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals Worksheet
  • OKRs, KPIs Explained
  • Your Road Map and Motivation
  • Self-guided for self-paced self-improvement
  • Exercises designed to help you overcome roadblocks
  • Tools and resources to achieve your goals

*Immediate download of the Workbook available after purchase.
*Gift will be sent to you by Coach via email.

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