Weekly Daily Planner – My Year to Shine

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Weekly Planner Digital Download

Use this Weekly Planner to get organized and stay focused. Buy now for immediate digital download, every purchase supports the Rainforest Alliance US

Created by our Coaches exclusively for TuathaMuse, this digital planner has everything you need to stay productive and on track to meet your goals. Print out or use digitally for paper-free planning on the go.

This version features our Shine Theme to energize and motivate. Featuring energizing citrus colors with a fairylight motif, this shiny theme is made specifically to inspire you to keep on shining.

This 16 page Weekly Planner includes:

  • Weekly Mantra Prompts to help you align your mindset for the week ahead.
  • Active Goals with Milestones, including Primary and Secondary Goals.
  • My Activity Planner with weekly overview for at-a-glance planning and priorities.
  • Ideas & Inspiration Dashboard for professional inspiration creation. Includes:
    • Strategies and Plan ideation
    • Priority List, Goal Setting, and Reward Center
    • Professional Development and Business Growth Goals
  • Work/Life Dashboard for a healthy balance of productivity and personal well-being. Includes:
    • Meal Planning ideation
    • Health and Well-being Goals and Reward Center
    • Personal Development and Family Goals
  • Goal Tracker to organize your weekly overall to-do list.
  • Productivity Planner for each weekday. Includes:
    • Goal Milestone, Outreach, and Meeting Tracker
    • Meals, Water, and Exercise Tracker
  • Work/Life Planner for each weekend day. Includes:
    • Self-care and Personal Goals Tracker
    • Activity and Wellness Tracker
  • Weekly Chore chart for yourself or to share with roommates or family.

To make the most of your weekly planner, schedule your free Coaching or Virtual Assistant session today.

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