Our Mission

Tuatha Muse

Tuatha, pronounced “too-ah,” is the plural of the Old Irish word tuath which means “people, tribe, nation.” Similar to folk or kin. Muse refers to the Greek and Roman nine goddesses who preside over the arts and sciences, and the source of creative inspiration. At TuathaMuse, our mission is to inspire people to live their best life, both personally and professionally.

We are professional creative nomads who live a life by design and help others do the same. We include digital nomads, festival and convention nomads, and spiritual nomads. We live and work remotely. The world is our office and we each enjoy earning a living doing what we love to do.

For years we have individually provided consultation, coaching, and digital services. After meeting at an event we had an immediate connection and decided to join forces to help more people create and maintain a successful remote career. Most of our clients are entrepreneurs who have created remote businesses as a side-hustle. Our mission is to help people grow their business by doing the things they need help with so they can focus on doing more of what they love to do. Think of us as your virtual assistants

Over the years we found that most people looking to start a business often give up before they begin because they get bogged down by all the little things that go into creating a business, like designing a logo, creating an engaging website, crafting all your plans and strategies, etc. Don’t waste your valuable time; we help you save time and save face by giving you a professional product while you keep working on what built your business to begin with. Contact us for a free consultation.