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Like many, Dan developed ideas, roles, and behaviors in his early life that were inspired by his surroundings and situation. In classic Maslovian fashion, he absorbed the world around him in an attempt to find a sense of love and belonging but fell short of the apex of that theory. Instead of self-acceptance, he drifted toward self-medication and self-destructive behavior until, decades later, he was completely miserable and lost.

He started searching for relief when a friend recommended meditation. Coming from a traditional background there was reluctance in trying something that seemed so foreign and “out there.” However, increasing desperation prompted reading and research that convinced him to give it a shot. After a few attempts, he discovered that connecting with his breath provided him an amazing amount of clarity, calm, and focus. 

Meditation is scientifically proven to have an abundance of positive effects for the brain and body, including growth in grey matter along with improvements in memory, self-awareness, empathy, and creativity. It also facilitates reductions in levels of stress, anxiety, and depression which are known to create an increase in blood pressure, headaches, fatigue, and a litany of other health issues. Simply stated, meditation helps stem the flood of thoughts and emotions that can overwhelm us on a daily basis. Interestingly, science is now saying the same things that saints and mystics have said for thousands of years…and they have the data to prove it.

As a daily practitioner of meditation, Dan’s life has been dramatically changed for the better. He’s grown to have a very fulfilling marriage and is now focused on doing the things that he loves…writing, acting, singing, and sharing the power of mindfulness. As a coach, he has a calling to use his experiences to serve others and support them in becoming their happiest and most authentic selves.

If you’re struggling don’t wait for decades, reach out to Dan today and discover if meditation is the right fit for you. 


Certifications Include:

– davidji Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Certified Teacher
– Usui Reiki Practitioner
– Life Coach Practitioner
(Achology Certified)

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