Intro to Reiki


Some of us live and work on the road. A couple of us live that RV life, and some of us travel from event to event, but all of us work remotely. Working remotely comes with it own set of challenges whether or not you are working from home, a vehicle, or in a public setting. Taking time for reflection and meditation is such an important thing but sometimes you just don’t think about that in our daily life. 

Jenn Schiavone is a professional Reiki healer to teach us the basics. Jenn has grown her business from a single brick-and-mortar space in her local town to now having 2 businesses and a successful podcast, and we are so proud of her. If you are interested in learning how to create a Reiki or Healing business, reach out for a free consultation and let us help you be a success like Jenn. 

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