Energy Clearing

In my previous blog we learned different ways to de-clutter your home, now let’s learn how to de-clutter your home’s energy.  If you’re living in clutter and chaos eventually you’re going to start feeling that way too, all the time!!!

Here are some helpful tips to help you clear the energy in your home.

  1. Sweep your home with the intension of sweeping all the negative energies away then literally sweep everything out the door.

  2. Energy remains in objects, especially antiques. Antiques come with their own energetic histories. To make sure you don’t take on the heavy energy of the item’s past owners, each piece should be individually cleared of negative energy. Depending on the energy type, if you don’t clear the object, they may physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually block your energy flow.

  3. When you hold onto unwanted “stuff,” there is no room for new opportunities to come into your life. So try to make sure that everything you own brings you joy.

  4. Scatter black tourmaline throughout your home. Black tourmaline is great for drawing out the negative energy and bringing in positive energy, grounding, and protection.Rose Quartz replaces negative emotions and feelings with positive ones.

  5. Move around your furniture (feng shui) one room at a time and see how it makes you feel.

  6. Plants are beautiful, natural filters for negative energy.

  7. Salt lamps have numerous healing benefits and can also act as a cool home accent.

  8. Burn White Sage, palo santo, or incense. All are wonderful for clearing and elevating the energy of a room. They smell great too!!! Try out different ones to see what you are most drawn to. Tip!!! You should always start at the front door and work around the rooms in a clockwise direction when you smudge.

  9. You can find tons of free High Frequency Music (binuarl beats) on Youtube with different intesions attached to them. Find what feels right for you.

  10. Open up all your windows (unless it’s Winter lol) for fresh air to come through. Fresh air helps to move and “air out” any negative energy.


***Bonus Spiritual Energy Clearing***

  • Take a relaxing salt bath to prepare for the energy clearing.

  • Write down the parts of your life that you want to cleanse.

  • Meditate on the list you just created.

  • Burn the list.

  • Chant while it’s burning, “I am purified by the flame.

  • Use sage to complete the energy clearing.

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