Valentine’s Day DIY Gift Round Up

date night ideas for couples

We have scoured the internet to bring you some of the most creative and thoughtful ways to bring a bit more romance into your life. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this date night idea round up features some of our favorite date night ideas packaged into awesome DIY gifts. Some of these are pre-planned for the year and some allow for more spontaneity so take a look and get inspired.

dungeons and dragons date night ideas

We recently posted this fun way to give the gift of year-long date nights. This Dungeons and Dragons inspired Loot Chest and Spell Tome uses a set of RPG dice. Each die represents a date type or category, the sides of each die represent a date option that is found in the spell tome. Variations are also included, so click on over and get inspired. 

MsKatyDid posted this great date night idea gift with 90 suggestions you can use. I like this idea because it allows for a bit of choice and spontaneity. I also like that it takes less up-front planning to create.  I would only paint half of the stick so that it can be placed upside down after use, so you can go through each option once before repeating any. 

12 date night ideas for the year, diy gift

Head over to the WhatsUpFagans blog for some more date night ideas for the year. This gift idea includes two dates a month, one for going out and one for staying in. This DIY gift is easy to do but the dates are pre-planned so make sure to take into account things like seasonal activities and your budget throughout the year. 

date night idea binder diy gift

The blog at FridayWereInLove has a post about these pre-planned date night ideas in a binder. They shared the dates they went on, and while the date ideas are specific to them I think it serves as a great example of what you can choose for your date nights. 

date night idea for the whole year

The ThinkingCloset shows you how to make this cute DIY gift. If you don’t have a binder ring you can use a ribbon instead and the rest of the materials you probably have around your house. They also share their date night ideas with you to work with.

diy date night gift baskets

SmallStuffCounts shares their DIY pre-planned date night gift basket. The idea is that each month you give them the gift basket and inside is everything (pretty much) that you need for the date that month. The date night ideas they share are super cute and great for any couple anywhere.

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