Circle Challenge Rules and Guidelines

Circle Challenge
Basic Rules and Guidelines

  1. Circle Challenge participation is limited to TuathaMuse members, rsvp approval required, continued participation is based on achievement of Milestones.
  2. Circle Challenges are scheduled and timed, they are meant to be experienced in real time. Recorded videos and lesson content will not be available after the Challenge ends. Access to only the current Milestone content will be available for current participants.
  3. These Challenges are based on the proven principles of SMART Goals to create measurable and attainable goals.
  4. Keep it kind, keep it classy. This community is a safe and open environment to share and support each other, let’s keep it kind.
  5. Sharing is caring. Our group is a great place to ask for help or support as you progress through each Milestone. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.
  6. Make sure to check off all tasks for each Milestone. Progression to the next Milestone each week is unlocked by fulfilling every task of the previous Milestone by the due date.
  7. If you haven’t completed each Milestone task by the due date you will no longer be able to access the current Circle Challenge, however you will still be able to participate in future Circle Challenges.
  8. Be proactive. If you are having an issue or trouble accessing Circle Challenge content, reach out to the founders in our Facebook Group for help.
  9. Each Circle Challenge participant must agree to follow these rules in order to participate.
* Circle Challenges are community-driven opportunities to challenge ourselves, learn a new skill, and have a lot of fun together as we support each other through each milestone. 
* These members-only events are limited-capacity, so keep an eye out for new challenges so you can sign up in time with your Free Membership.
* Each Circle Challenge is created and led by our team of mentors and coaches and include group guidance through each skill and milestone.