Business Advisor

“Work/Life Balance” is a phrase thrown around a lot these days when more and more of us have to juggle multiple jobs just to make ends meet or live our bliss. Finding that balance is a skill that takes practice and know-how, Nichol Lachen is here to help. Working with a life coach is the first step to success. 

A Business Advisor is a trained professional who guides individuals towards success using best practices in organization, time management, goal setting, milestone achievement strategies, and overall work/life balance. Whether you are trying to create or grow your own business, or someone who needs a bit more support in their overall life, a business and life coach can give you the tools you need to reach your personal and professional goals. 

As your Business Advisor, Nichol will guide you on your journey to success. Take control of your personal and professional goals. Think of her as both your personal Coach and Cheerleader. 

Nichol Lachen, founder of #HBIC HQ, a startup incubator for women entrepreneurs, is qualified and certified to teach you the skills and provide the tools you need to be the best version of yourself, meet your personal goals and achieve success in your business. 

life coach

Certifications Include:

NLP Life Coach (IFC)
– Executive Coach (ECE)
– Core Business Coaching (ACC)

– Six Sigma Project Management Certified
– Pipeline Sourcing and Recruiting Certified (TSI)
– Life Coaching Diploma (IPE)
– American Marketing Association Professional
– Founder and Board Director of HBIC HQ, Women’s Entrepreneur Incubation Society

Board Member, Membership Chair, for 5050 Leadership, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting equal leadership.

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