Best Minimalist Gift Ideas


This Holiday Season we’ve made a list of the best minimalist gift ideas that respect and reflect a zero-waste, sustainable, and eco-friendly minimalism lifestyle for everyone on your gift giving list this year.

The items featured here are meant to last. These gifts were chosen based on factors such as being reusable, waste-free, double-duty and good for the environment. Finding the perfect minimalism gift is only part of gift-giving. Check out our favorite post about Minimalist Gift Wrapping for the Holidays by The Calm Collective.

We’ve split this list into 3 categories: Nature-Inspired, Double-Duty Tech, and Healthy Living in various prices to give you the best variety. The best part is that by purchasing these items you are also directly supporting the Rainforest Foundation.



This Bamboo Watch Will Plant A Tree

For the stylish nature lover in your life, this beautiful bamboo wood watch by BEWELL is a gift that keeps on giving. For every watch sold, BEWELL will plant a tree! Talk about eco-friendly! This gorgeous bamboo watch comes in its own environmentally conscious gift box and is sure to be treasured for years to come.


2-in-1 Diffuser/ Humidifier & LED

This nature inspired 2-in-1 oil diffuser/humidifier and LED light provides instant atmosphere, decor, aromatherapy, and protects from allergies and airborne germs. The stylish wood grain design looks great in any minimalist home or office. This USB-powered instant atmosphere device is practical, portable, and perfect for anyone on your holiday gift list. 


Hanging Hydroponic Upcycled Planter

Bring a bit of the outdoors indoors with this indoor hydroponic vase. The wall-hanging design cuts countertop clutter while providing beauty and nature. Indoor plants and herbs produce oxygen to help purify the air. This upcycled hydroponic planter is a great eco-friendly nature-lover holiday gift.

Double-Duty Tech


Language Translator & Wireless Earbuds with Travel Case

The digital nomad or world traveler in your life will love these language translator earbuds for their next journey. Supporting 33 languages, the earbuds can be shared between two people for seamless conversation using the free smartphone app. When not used for language translation, these wireless earbuds provide optimal audio for music and phone calls with a push of a button. 


4-in-1 Charger, Wireless Speaker, Alarm Clock, & LED Light

This 4-in-1 ultra-device gift packs a practical punch as a phone charger, wireless speaker, alarm clock, and LED night light. Perfect for those who practice minimalism or live in a Tiny Home, RV, or Micro-apartment. Powered by USB, this gift is durable and portable enough to take on travels. The sleek design of this charger, wireless speaker, alarm clock, and LED light looks great in any room and is a great gift for kids and grownups on your list.


TimeR^2 Smart Ring & Connectivity Device

For the high-tech minimalist or digital nomad on your list, this Smart Ring by TimeR^2 is a thoughtful and practical gift. This wearable device is a stylish statement piece, combining jewelry with technology. Perfect for those who travel on business or attend conferences or conventions, this discreet TimeR^2 Smart Ring provides connectivity, data exchange capabilities, and notification alerts without having to carry a phone or laptop.

Healthy Living


Wheat Straw Sustainable Bento Lunch & Cutlery Set

This minimalist wheat straw bento lunch set is a gift that will be used every day. The thermal bento set keeps your food hot or cold and comes with everything you need for a perfect lunch or picnic feast, including a travel cutlery set and thermal carry bag. BPA-free, glass-free, metal-free, and zero-waste, this sustainable wheat straw bento box set is perfect for school lunches and stylish enough to bring to the office.


Massage Candle Set with Reusable Travel Tins

This 4-piece massage candle set is a thoughtful and personal gift idea. The low-temperature wax is made with sustainable natural plant oils and fragrances to provide a lovely atmosphere as well as a healing massage balm. This set features travel candles in reusable tin jars that can be re-purposed and upcycled for small item organization or even to replenish as a new set of travel candles. The natural scents are soft and pleasing and can be used with a candle warmer for flame-free aromatherapy.


Sustainable Bamboo Infuser Water Bottle

This stylish sustainable bamboo infuser bottle is perfect for BPA-free, glass-free, plastic-free durable hydration on the go. If you are crafty you can even customize the outside with your own design. The thermal infuser bamboo bottle features an embedded infuser made for tea, berries, citrus, cut fruit, and herbs. Practical and perfect for the minimalist and the health-enthusiast alike.