Be More Productive with Mini-Moments: Productivity Hacks

Be more productive with mini-moments
Make money in your spare time

In the time it takes you to scroll through Facebook (again) or watch that new TikTok video you can earn money online, enjoy a more fulfilled life, and be more productive by using your mini-moments to your advantage. The ironic part is that by investing your mini-moments into productivity you are actually freeing up more quality time for yourself! But we will get into that later.

They say “Time is Money,” and they are right. If you think about your time like your money you start to understand the mentality of investing your time wisely. And just like spare money spent on non-essential consumables, you can waste your time in a similar way. How can you use your spare time to earn money for yourself?

I say spare time instead of free time because as long as the oppression of an unfinished task is looming over your head you will never have true free time. This is where mini-moments come in. And let’s face it, we spend a lot of time on our phones just scrolling around, not really accomplishing anything. If we put a little mindfulness in our mindless scrolling you’d be surprised at how much better you’ll feel. Remember, the time you invest in productivity now means actual free time later without worrying or stressing about the things left to do.

Productivity Tips

What are Mini-Moments

Mini-moments are what I like to call those snippets of spare time we get each day while we are basically waiting on something else to happen. These snippets mostly last for mere moments up to a few minutes at a time. Luckily with these productivity methods you can get a lot accomplished in that time. 

Remember when you were a kid and you’d be put in time-out for 5 minutes. Those 5 minutes seemed like hours and hours, didn’t they? That’s because doing something unpleasant or not entertaining makes time seem to slug along at a snail’s pace. After all, time flies when you’re having fun, but slows when you’re having none. The good news is, you can use this to your advantage! 

How to Find Mini-Moments

Let’s try a practical experiment. For just three minutes, see if you can hold up your coffee cup with your arm extended straight to out to the side, parallel to the floor. You can remain seated if you prefer, but do nothing else for those three minutes. Can you do it? Did you know that three minutes is about the time it takes to brew a single cup of coffee? More than likely those three minutes seemed like a long time. More than likely you starting thinking about all the stuff you could have or should have been doing instead. Excellent! That’s the first step to better productivity. 

Start by thinking about ways you can change up your habits to prioritize productivity and use time to your benefit. For instance, many of us listen to podcasts while driving. That’s a good use of time but you are basically consuming what someone else created for their brand or income. You have the choice to use that same amount to time to create your own content, build your own brand, or earn passive income. 

Passive Income Opportunities While Relaxing

Why You Should Use Mini-Moments

Life is busy enough, so why would you want to make yourself even busier by “working” during your mini-moments. Well, you aren’t actually making yourself busier by using your mini-moments, just more efficient. In fact, you are merely doing the things you need to do anyway.

The advantage of this method of productivity is that you accomplish your goals quicker so that when you have actual free time you can relax instead of stressing about what’s left to do. You can start on that new business. You can work on that passion project. You can invest your time in self-care.

By breaking down your goals into small micro-tasks, you can use your mini-moments to check off your to-do list so you can finally relax at the end of the day.

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When to Use Mini-Moments

As discussed earlier, you can find your own mini-moments by changing up your habits and thinking strategically. You are given a choice every time you find yourself in a mini-moment. What you do with that time shapes your path. When I was younger I used to daydream a lot, I still do in a way. The difference now is that I’ve learned to focus my “daydreams” into productivity and turn my thoughts into action. When I was focusing on fitness I would gain “free workouts” by the simple effort of doing crunches and squats during commercial breaks at home. Common mini-moment opportunities include:

  • Commuting to and from work, meetings, errands, etc. 
  • Doing repetitive tasks like washing dishes and folding laundry. 
  • Whenever you find yourself scrolling Pinterest or Social Media.
  • Lulls during the day or while waiting between tasks.
  • During commercial breaks.
  • Waiting in line somewhere. 
Productivity Hacking

How to Use Mini-Moments

What you do with your mini-moments depends on many factors, but with a little strategic creativity you can make the most of your mini-moments. Remember, the time you invest in productivity now means actual free time later. Let’s walk through a few potential productivity goals you can accomplish during mini-moments.

All you need to get started is a smartphone, a headset with microphone, and your blog and/or free Google Drive account.

If you can move around freely in private or without embarrassment or trouble, and can scroll aimlessly or are waiting for something or between tasks, you can earn extra money, practice mindful movement, or work on hobbies or arts and crafts.

  • Earn Extra Income
    1. If you can move around you can earn passive income, earn income with a micro job, create affiliate or sponsored blog posts, or create content for your brand, podcast, channel, etc.
    2. Read below for more details on this.
  • Practice Mindful Movement 
    1. Stretching, office-chair yoga, and dancing are some quick movements you can do during mini-moments.
    2. Choose mindful movements to either relax or give yourself more energy.
    3. Make it a game – do more of that movement in the same amount of time, or try a new movement each week.
  • Work on Hobbies or Arts and Crafts
    1. Commercial breaks, coffee or tea brewing, waiting for the washing machine or dryer, uploading or downloading are opportunities to have fun & be creative.
    2. Use a mini-moment to get it all set up and ready for your next mini-moment so you can pick right up and keep going with it.
Income hacks

If you can scroll through social media or the web and wait between tasks or standing in line, you can earn passive income; earn money with a micro job; plan, organize, and manifest; and practice mindfulness or meditate.

  • Earn Passive Income 
    1. Get your Product Affiliate Link from
    2. Shorten the Link with
      • Or choose from your list if you want to re-feature an item you’ve already done before.
    3. Use a free scheduler like to schedule your affiliate link and blurb to Social Media.
  • Earn Income with a Micro Job
    1. Use a micro-moment to set up at sites like Fiverr and Guru
    2. Use micro-moments to check & apply to micro jobs or update profile
    3. Use Content Goals method (below) to help complete micro jobs
  • Plan, Organize, and Manifest
    1. Use Kami PDF editor to update your Digital Planner
    2. Use to organize your projects or outline steps and lists for Hobbies or Crafts
    3. Use to create digital Vision Boards and Inspiration Boards.
  •  Practice Mindfulness or Meditate
    1. Even a minute of mindful meditation can be replenishing, set a timer to help focus on your practice while you wait.
    2. If you can focus on a phone you can clear your mind, practice mindfulness, or a guided meditation.
      • Only do this if it is safe. Not recommended for when you need to be more aware of your surroundings.
    3. Make Sure to breathe deeply or choose a breathing technique such as the 4-7-8 Technique or Breath of Fire. 

If you can use a headset or microphone and talk or listen while driving or doing a safe hands-on activity, you can work on content drafts and scripts; catch up with emails; and make lists, outlines, brainstorm, or plan projects.

  • Work on Content Goals
    1. Access your draft or script anywhere with Google Drive
    2. Add content with your headset’s microphone.
      • Only do this if safe.
    3. Publish, Produce, or Schedule
      • Just polish your spoken content to publish, or use the scheduler function.
  • Catch up with your Emails:
    1. Use a free service like Speaking.Email
    2. Listen to your emails with headphones to keep out distractions.
      • Only do when safe. Not recommended for driving, but great for commuting.
    3. Respond or create email drafts with the microphone function and your headset.
  • Make Lists, Outlines, Brainstorm or Plan Projects
    1. Use Google Drive, Evernote, or Asana to keep lists and project info.
    2. Use the microphone to make your shopping list, to-do list, idea brainstorm list, outlines, or other project info you need for later.
      • Talking out the steps of a project keeps you more organized so you can jump in and start creating as soon as you can.

How I use Mini-Moments

I like making the most of my mini-moments because I know how much those little snippets of time can add up to help me meet my goals each day.  I’d like to share a few ways I use mini-moments to my advantage.

Every morning when I wait for the shower to warm up I give things a quick wipe down or a quick sweep. This way I can hop right into a nice warm shower and step out into a nice clean bathroom. Though I usually take quick showers I still take a second to turn on my scented wax burner before I hop in the shower. It really does wonders to get me excited to start the day. Here are a few more ways I use mini-moments:

I always stack my housework so I don’t have to wait on the washing machine, etc, but I typically bake once a week and use the wait-time to work on whatever crafting project I’ve got going on. On weeknights I like to use the instant pot to make dinner and use the wait-time to soak my feet and listen to meditative music. I keep an Evernote list of affiliate links with a post example for each one, just a line or two. When I am standing in a line I like to pull up this list, pick a product, give the example a quick rewrite, and copy/paste into my social media scheduler.

How can you use your mini-moments to your advantage?

We can help you put these productivity tips into action for a more fulfilled and successful life. Schedule a free consultation with our Business Mentor or Life Coach.

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