Animal Crossing Strategies to Grow Your Brand

Animal Crossing strategies to grow your business

It might surprise you to read about Animal Crossing strategies to grow your brand, but don’t take our word for it. Animal Crossing has changed a lot since its inception decades ago, and old and new fans are flocking to the game in droves. Played on the Nintendo Switch, this game can be enjoyed practically anywhere. It’s not surprising that Animal Crossing is one of the most played games since Angry Birds and brands are taking note. 

Read on to learn how these folk have leveraged the popularity and captive audience of Animal Crossing to engage with their audience and build their brand. If you need help getting started you might like our results-driven Dream2Goal coaching package.

If you do decide to open your Animal Crossing island to visitors make sure to follow Nintendo’s rules and practice good etiquette, and don’t forget to secure your special items inside fenced areas or storage. Some folk use the custom designs to place signs with their rules or include special sharing areas such as T1L1 (take 1 leave 1)  DIY recipe and fossil areas to help other players complete their collections. Think about this as a cost-free value-add for your customers, clients, or members.

Create & Share Branded Designs

Visual Designers, logo artists, fashion designers, and stylists can take a tip from clothing designer, Marc Jacobs. You can create custom designs for in-game paintings, items, clothing, and accessories. Share your Design Code on Reddit and Pinterest to promote your design or brand. You can also offer to create custom in-game logos or designs for your clients as well. 

Host a Talkshow/Podcast

Animal Talking recently had Elijah Wood, among other celebs, as Animal Crossing guests on the show. The best thing about this idea is that if you are just getting started you don’t need to invest in fancy video recording gear, and if you already host a podcast it’s easy to switch (see what I did there), and once your in-game recording is complete you can still publish the audio to your regular podcast publisher. 

Commission Art & Items

Crafters can commission custom arts and crafts or sell their own Animal-Crossing inspired creations. This can help your brand open up to a different market who might not otherwise have found you. An easy way to begin is to theme the items you already create. There is a wealth of in-game items to inspire you. Combine your creation with an in-game item design code Examples: An embroidery, painting, or print for real and in-game walls; or a shirt or dress you can wear to match your in-game character. 

Host a Workshop or Meeting recently reported about a tech conference that was held in Animal Crossing. The DIDevOps tech conference featured special guest speakers and exclusive in-game swag. These items were special because the design isn’t openly shared with the public. The best part about this idea is that it costs absolutely nothing, and people get really excited about rare in-game items.

Throw a Customer Appreciation Party

Basically this would work the same as the Workshop or Conference idea from above, except this would be just a fun little get together with your best clients or members. Give each attendee an exclusive item or design that they can take with them. Again, this is great because it doesn’t cost anything to do but it makes a big impact. In addition to the appreciation swag, you can include a game like hide-and-seek to bury token items they can find to collect points towards prizes. Special party prizes are an additional opportunity for boosting your brand by either giving back or up-selling; digital gifts help keep costs low while still adding value.