5 Tips for a Professional Website

As a digital nomad, one of the biggest questions I get from my friends and family is “What exactly do you do anyway?” The second question is “Wow, how can I do that?” I get it. Working remotely and creating a life by design can be exciting.

The first thing you need as a digital nomad is to have a digital presence. This means a website. In order to make a living as a digital nomad, you need clients. In order for clients to find you and know about the kind of services you provide, you need a website. Makes sense right!

So far I’m sure you’ve heard of sites like WIX and WordPress as easy site-creation sites. But what happens after you buy that domain name and need to create your digital presence? Follow these tips from HBICHQ.com to make an effective professional website and get your digital nomad life started right. If you are interested in working with us to create a great website, reach out for a free consultation

5 Essential Website Elements by HBICHQ’s HBIC Hacks:

  1. Add Contact Information
    • Builds trust and reassurance.
    • Adds value to your website.
    • Empowers customers to reach out.
    • TM Tip: Free emails from Gmail, Yahoo, etc scream amateur – if you can’t invest in a professional email to conduct your business, why should someone invest in you for their business?
  2. State Your Mission
    • What is your Mission Statement?
    • What problems do you solve?
    • Why did you create the business?
    • TM Tip: Market-test your mission statement by getting feedback or work with a Consultant like the ones here at Tuatha Muse to help craft a compelling and effective mission statement.
  3. Display Brand Identity
    • Visual brand identity is key to recognition.
    • Describe your brand, self, or services provides.
    • Explains why they should hire you.
    • TM Tip: Your logo is usually the first impression your potential clients see. Use a professional service like Fiverr or UpWork to find logo designers, or work with the pros at Tuatha Muse.
  4. Include a Call to Action
    • Mailing list or newsletter sign up.
    • Include a product or service list.
    • Contact form, survey, or interactive elements will add retention.
    • TM Tip: Your website should be more than just a digital business card, it should be engaging and interactive. If you’ve never designed a website before, save time and save face by letting Tuatha Muse create an amazing site for you
  5. Leverage Social Proof
    • Social Media presence validates your brand as an entity.
    • Testimonials from clients or customers build trust.
    • Case Studies or Success Stories prove your worth.
    • TM Tip: If you’re just getting started you can offer your services for free to select folk in exchange for a testimonial. Work with a Consultant or with Tuatha Muse to build your personal brand by becoming an “expert” or author in your field to build Social Proof.

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