5 Surprising & Fun Things to do When You are Stuck at Home

With the social distancing that is going on right now, here are some surprising and fun things to do at home. There’s no reason to feel stuck at home in today’s world of technology, ask any digital nomad.

Many schools are closing and businesses are shutting down, and this hit a lot of us by surprise. Let’s make the most of it by taking this time to be with our loved ones, spending quality time together and building a loving, safe environment. These surprising activities are perfect for all ages and are sure to help stave off boredom.

1. Tour the Smithsonian

Smithsonian Museum

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History is one of many museums that offer a virtual tour. You and the whole family can enjoy a fun learning experience without ever leaving home. They have a whole walkthrough of their permanent collection as well as a section for the current exhibits

2. Watch Live Rescue Cats

Everyone loves cat memes The Kitten Rescue of Los Angeles has a live stream of their darling adoptable cats and kittens. Oohh and aahh as you and the whole family spend hours watching this live stream of rescue cats.

3. Take in a TED Talk

You can watch TED Talks for free in a variety of topics and subjects. There’s even a playlist called “Talks to Watch When Your Family is Driving You Nuts.” For busy parents, one of my favorites is called “Short Talks for Parents Who are Short on Time but Starved for Intellectual Stimulation.”

4. Join an Online RPG Game

rpg games

There are many multiplayer games you can play when you are feeling the need to be social but are stuck at home. If you don’t want to buy or download a game, joining an online RPG game is a great idea. Roll20.net lets you join groups or create your own game with your own group, which is an engaging way to get your tech-centric kiddos interested in playing these neuron-creating games.

5. Hang Out With Pandas

Happiness Village Baby Panda Park. I repeat: Happiness Village Baby Panda Park!!! Stop everything you are doing and go watch their baby panda live stream. Have fun exploring the rest of explore.org to find awesome streams for everyone in the house, including zen cams, wildlife cams, live talks, and even nature films.