5-P’s of Starting a Remote Business

A remote business is something you can do from anywhere. More and more Americans are starting up side hustles, most of which are done remotely or from home. Working remotely has its own set of challenges even once you get started. But the question here is how to get started effectively. If you are thinking about creating a remote business, whether as a side-hustle or as a full time career, follow the five P’s. If you are interested in working with a consultant to guide you through the process, reach out for a free consultation.

The Original 5-P’s Quote:

Proper planning prevents poor performance.

5-P’s of Starting a Remote Business

  1. Purchaser
    • Who will buy your service? Create a profile of that buyer, what they do, where they are, how they speak, what they care about. 
    • What is the market competition like from your purchaser’s POV? Will purchasers leave their current service providers to hire you instead? What would make first-time purchasers decide to invest in you? We can help with market research and purchaser profiling to help you get started right.
  2. Plans
    • What steps will you take? Plans are the road maps to success. If you don’t have an effective plan you won’t have an effective start to your business. To get started you need a Business Plan, then a Launch Plan, then a Marketing Plan, and so on. Get these plans together before you begin.
    • Not all plans are the same so you have to make sure you are following the right plan for you. The only way to know that comes from experience, which is an investment both time and money, or by working with a professional who can create custom plans for your business. 
  3. Product
    • What are you selling? This can include physical items, virtual or digital services, or software and programming. When you launch you will need to have all your offerings ready and available for your clients to purchase. 
    • Make sure to budget your time wisely. If you want to get started sooner you can work with a professional to create all the business elements you aren’t familiar with, this way you can spend that time fully fleshing out  your product or service line. 
  4. Presentation
    • What does your visual presentation say about you? Branding is essential for client engagement and retention. Your logo, website design, and graphics all tell a story about you and your product or service.
    • Most of the time your online presence is the first impression your potential purchasers have. If you aren’t skilled in graphic design or website design, save face and save money by working with a professional to create your brand presentation
  5. Promotion
    • How will purchasers find you? There’s no point in starting a remote business if you don’t plan on investing in what it takes to promote and advertise your business. You can be the absolute best at what you do but it doesn’t mean much in the world of business if no one knows about what you do or how to find you.
    • There are many promotion and marketing methods out there, the trick it to find the ones that work best for your service and your market. Again, this only comes with either experience or by working with a professional. We can help you find your customers from launch to growth. 

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